V2.0.0 Upgrade Proposal

v2.0.0 Upgrade

A generally smaller upgrade, mostly focused on stabilizing the network more. This is already live on testnet and has been performing well.

Upgrade Details

  • Stray recovery systems in place to undo some of the damage done by the first week’s provider instability, this clean-up function will run once instantly upon upgrading and once a week thereafter.
  • Less contract burning should take place for well-behaved providers
  • Posting Contracts will now no longer cause providers to burn tokens under high load
  • Filetree has been cleaned up to make room for Jackal.js improvements that should improve folder stability

Does this update include Ledger Support?

It, unfortunately, does not, we are working hard to get it there, even chatting with the ledger team to figure this out.

The v2.0.0 is now live for voting!