V3.0.0 Software Upgrade - Signalling Proposal

This is a signalling proposal for the Jackal Protocol v3.0.0 software upgrade.


This protocol upgrade aims to bolster network security and minimize bandwidth usage, as elaborated on in a blog post regarding Parallel Consensus Spheres. The proposal also integrates a Social Consensus model to deter bad actors from monopolizing storage deals, penalizing them for downtime. It further requires new providers to pledge collateral before initiating a new provider, discouraging the proliferation of smaller machines over larger ones. This upgrade marks the first phase of a two-step process designed to enhance storage provider stability. More information is available on the Jackal Discord server’s storage-provider channel.


  • Upgraded IBC-Go from v3 to v4
  • Fixed a bug where files mapped to contracts wouldn’t be de-linked upon deletion
  • Created new API routes to give providers and users more storage-space information
  • Added Consensus-Sphere Storage proof system
  • Fixed provider cost structure to incentivize claiming strays
  • Implemented social consensus for storage providers as a means for the storage network to self-regulate and enforce consequences upon malicious storage providers.

The Proposal

A ‘Yes’ vote signals your endorsement of the proposal and the desired upgrade. A ‘No’ vote communicates your disagreement with the proposal. Opting for ‘No-With-Veto’ not only shows your dissent but also suggests the proposal could harm the network, calling for the forfeiture of the proposer’s deposit.

The Code