Proposal Discussion - Gated Access Model Implementation


My intention was to draft a proposal for the development and implementation of a gated-access program for onboarding new users to the storage application. However, as I began to create the draft, I realized a preliminary discussion could help with fleshing out the basic idea a little further.

I propose the implementation of a three-tier gated access program:

–Tier 1 (2Gb Storage) – NFT holder gated access users.
–Tier 2 (3Gb Storage) – “Stake-to-Access” (with minimum 1000 JKL stake) users.
–Tier 3 (6Gb Storage) – Combined NFT & “Stake-to-Access” users.

The program would eliminate the need for classic free tier offerings and mitigate some spam and abuse concerns inherent with free tier offers.

Key Per Tier Benefits:

  • NFT Tier - NFT offering can be launched in four waves (2500 tokens per wave = total 10,000 tokens). Users can access the Tier 1 account if their wallet holds the token. There is also an opportunity for related programs to incentivize user minting multiple tokens to share with others, increasing organic word-of-mouth and extended community use of service.

  • Stake-to-Access Tier – These users would have a dual benefit. They would have access to this storage tier, while also earning staking rewards. This will create a very stable base of users. These users may also add to their subscription for higher levels of storage if they wish.

  • Dual Tier (NFT/Stake-to-Access”) – This tier incentivizes users through the staking benefits as well as promotes their participation in the NFT “gifting” program(s).

I believe the current level of JKL in the community pool would make it inappropriate for proposal ask from that pool for this type of implementation. Instead, I thought it best to open a discussion to see what other options may be available. Moreover, I don’t believe the preliminary costs associated with creating this type of program (NFT generation, stake-to-access setup, labor, etc.) would be very high (est. ~$5K - ~$8K USD). However, until receiving some input from this community, I have paused any real deep-dive calculations of program costs for the time being.

Please let me know what you all think about the idea and offer any feedback on how we could get something like this started, if it sounded like something this community would support.

I look forward to hearing your feedback.


I feel it’s worth exploring. Mitigating abuse and spam of the free tier is important, and also rather difficult to do I think. So far this seems a good start.

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This is a really neat idea. The stake to access is for sure my favourite of the bunch. We would have to explore the nft idea more before giving a concrete answer on that. We would essentially have to figure out a way to tie an NFT to a data storage bond type thing for that to work.

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I would like to add to this discussion my observation also. I have been part of a project where they are introducing fees now but keeping free tier also for basic services. I am also a Jackal Storage provider. In today’s time, 2Gb is a miniscule storage and in order to let user have a taste of web3, get familiar with Crypto, usage of Kepler wallet, a FREE tier is must. This is a tried and time tested business model. There is big Gap between 2GB & 1TB plan and as you suggested, the storage could be increased if user have some kind of NFT or Stake certain no of tokens. We have to let users come and taste the Decentralized Storage, learn to use it, learn to use Wallet, get used to pay in Crypto , if we truly want to reach to masses.

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Yes. I suspected the NFT piece may take a bit of work to get working. For the stake-to-access piece, I’d look for some guidance from MrFreeman of Alter; as they have successfully implemented the functionality on multiple chains for for Alter dapp and it’s worked very well.

Alternatively, if the NFT piece become too much of a heavy lift, it can be dropped and another type of “share-with-others” type of campaign can replace it. The main goal of the NFT would be to have way for current users to spread the word.

I would tend to agree here. My storage size examples were in line with the “2Gb Free” option currently showing in the app. I’m not familiar with actual economies of scale we are looking at for higher “free” tiers. The amount of free storage for something this would have to make sense as a service marketing expense.