Hardware wallet Support (Ledger)

A lack of hardware wallet support is a huge security vulnerability that should have been patched, early in the Jackal product’s life cycle. The public have been assured that from day one of the Jackal chain’s launch, we would have received Ledger support. We have seen the software stack grow and evolve and there is seemingly no advancement of a hardware wallet solution.
Wallet holders cannot feel safe using the Jackal product, if a minor hack at the wallet level can gain intruders access into a wallet holders suite of software offerings from Jackal. Access from the Name service to access to the files stored on Jackal. Also moving $JKL from your cold/hardware wallet to a hot/software wallet isn’t a solution because hackers would only have to target the far less secure hot wallet.
Can someone give some kind of timeline to produce this fix, because without it, this software solution is unusable because of its flaws?

Jackal works with the Cosmos Ledger App natively

I think he is talking about using and managing storage with ledger which is an issue were working on.


what is the holdup?

also where is the roadmap?

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You can check the history of events on Discord, but there were some bad actors who abused the current storage incentive system. Therefore, some updates here are needed first and that explains the delay on ledger support.

first things first

This hardware wallet issue has existed long before the incentive problem. I’m sorry if I am unconvinced. The, “ultimate secure storage blockchain”, has been completely underwhelming if you ask me. That may only be because I refuse to use a hot wallet on my storage system.

I think it’s simply not a priority right now. Jackal is a very young project and the problem with the incentives is still not fixed, tokenomics are flawed etc. There is a lot of things which have a higher priority right now and I thinks that’s understandable.

But I wouldn’t store sensitive data on Jackal either. You are right in this regard, but let’s give the team the time to fix the general issues before we integrate ledger.

(The roadmap has been shared on the and the ledger support is on it btw.)