V1.2.0 Upgrade Discussion

v1.2.0 Upgrade Proposal

Greetings to the Jackal Protocol community!

The Jackal Labs team is thrilled to present the first governance proposal on the Jackal Forums. Today, we are excited to welcome your feedback on the 1.2.0 Upgrade for the Jackal Protocol Mainnet. This upgrade has been in testing for some time now with regular bug fixes to ensure that the Jackal Cloud is running smoothly.

The core developers are committed to making Jackal Cloud the most fluid and efficient decentralized storage platform possible and believe that this upgrade will take us one step closer to fulfilling that promise. Your feedback will be crucial in ensuring we can achieve this goal and deliver the best possible user experience.

The following is approximately what will be presented on chain at the end of the week:


With the 1.2.0 Upgrade, the Jackal Protocol is taking a significant step toward fulfilling its purpose as the most advanced data storage blockchain to date and the first of its kind in the Cosmos ecosystem. The upgrade introduces several new features that will make storage on the Jackal Cloud more efficient and user-friendly.

This upgrade brings four blockchain modules online. Firstly, the Storage module enables users to pay for storage and create storage deals with Storage Providers, making the process of storing data more straightforward and more secure. Secondly, the Filetree module creates a privacy layer and bucket file structure, making organizing and managing files on the Jackal Cloud even more convenient. Finally, the Oracle module allows other blockchain modules to query a data stream. The first use-case of this oracle is to provide pricing information for data storage while the AMM module is being finalized. A Notification module has also been added to enhance the user experience without sacrificing cybersecurity posture.

The upgrade will take place around block height 2080380, estimated to be on March 23rd. This upgrade marks a crucial milestone for the Jackal Protocol and brings it one step closer to achieving the vision of providing a decentralized and efficient storage platform for the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to your feedback on this upgrade.


Following the launch of this upgrade, the Jackal Cloud will be available for use. You can test it right now on our testnet at https://testnet.jackallabs.dev.

This milestone was achieved through four major additions to the Jackal Core codebase.

  • Storage Module enables users to manage storage deals and payment information, making the process of storing data much more straightforward and secure.
  • Filetree Module manages privacy and bucket storage structure, providing a user-friendly way to organize and manage files.
  • Oracle Module manages native price discovery directly on the chain.
  • Notification Module enables users to be notified in the dashboard of files being shared and supporting future systems.

The development team believes that these four modules working together will provide an unparalleled experience for our users.

On-Chain Upgrade Process

When the network reaches the halt height, the chain will be halted to allow for the upgrade to take place. The classic method for upgrading requires all validators and node operators to manually substitute the existing binary with the new binary.

Node operators can alternatively use the Cosmovisor utility to swap the binaries automatically, making the upgrade process much more streamlined and efficient.


For those interested in the technical details of the 1.2.0 Upgrade for the Jackal Protocol Mainnet, we invite you to view a full list of changes since the last upgrade on our GitHub page at Comparing v1.1.2-hotfix...v1.2.0-beta.7 · JackalLabs/canine-chain · GitHub.


Jackal Cloud, here we come.


Absolutely massive! This is a serious milestone. I look forward to see what the future brings.


The stated updates have been running smoothly on testnet, we’re good to go🔥


Does the Upgrade come with a Ledger fix?

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The ledger fix is purely from our Jackal.js library which will be fixed soon :slight_smile: So technically no, but the fix is coming around the same time.


Are there going to be updated instructions for mainnet jackal storage providers shortly after this upgrade? How soon does mainnet storage become available after this upgrade?

Mainnet storage providers will follow the same instructions as test-net providers but using different config files to point to different RPC nodes and a different chain-id, but yes we’ll have guides! As for how soon after, as soon as mainnet blocks are produced, providers can spin up :slight_smile:

As it would turn out, we found another residual ignite issue that now let’s us use ledgers with our updated jackal.js. This slight fix will be posted with the release candidate for mainnet

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Will this,“slight fix”, be applied on testnet?

Funny enough, it already is. It is a non-consensus breaking upgrade which means no testnet upgrade is needed :slight_smile:

Any idea why the Ledger wallet still doesn’t work then?

There is an issue we are working on in Jackal.js we think, the chain does register ledger signing though. Not every RPC node has upgraded however which is causing some weirdness.

I guess that means that there is no Ledger Support yet. Any Idea when we will have Ledger Support.

No hard estimate, but soon after launch is the goal.

The upgrade is now live for voting on mainnet: Ping Dashboard