Jackal V4.0.0 Software Upgrade "Acacia" - Signalling Proposal

This is the signaling proposal for the Jackal Protocol v4.0.0 software upgrade.

V4 - Acacia Upgrade


This proposal upgrade is a testament to Jackal’s commitment to streamlining and enhancing the decentralized data storage experience. This upgrade is a huge leap forward, packed with protocol efficiency, user experience, interoperability, and economic upgrades. The V4 upgrade sets a new benchmark for the next generation of decentralized storage technology.


  • Asynchronous Storage Proofs: Lowering bandwidth spikes for smoother operation.
  • The Universal File: FID objects will be collapsed into a single UF object.
  • Smart Storage Allocation: An on-chain algorithm decides the best storage providers to upload files to ensure decentralization and performance.
  • Merkle Hash System: Removing FIDs and implementing a robust Merkle Hash.
  • Individual Proving Windows: Each individual file gets its own proving time.
  • Initial Proof Claims: Storage providers claim files by sending the initial proof improving user experience.
  • Enhanced Signing Procedure: File uploads are signed on-chain before the upload starts for an improved user experience.
  • Customizable Redundancy: Programmable redundancy enables the ability to alter the number of copies secured by the protocol.
  • Interchain Accounts: Seamless integration across chains.
  • IPFS Compatibility: Delivering the most robust storage layer to the IPFS discovery layer. Files on Jackal are now compatible with IPFS for enhanced discovery.
  • Economics V2: Implementation of the v2 Economics outlined here. The this new model passed the signaling proposal on-chain.
  • On-Chain Referral Program: Earn rewards when referring new users to the protocol with your .JKL name.


A ‘Yes’ vote signals your endorsement of the proposal and the desired upgrade.

A ‘No’ vote communicates your disagreement with the proposal.

Opting for ‘No-With-Veto’ not only shows your dissent but also suggests the proposal could harm the network, calling for the forfeiture of the proposer’s deposit.

The Code

Check out the full details on GitHub: JackalLabs Acacia Upgrade

Let’s keep pushing the boundaries and setting new standards.


I have never been so excited for an upgrade.

Ready to make use in multiple ways.

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Ready to vote. Let’s roll!

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Looking forward to the Asynchronous Storage Proofs! Any reduction to lowering bandwidth spikes will be nice to have.

It is now on testnet for phase 1: Ping Dashboard - Cosmos Blockchain Explorer And Web Wallet

Exciting, let’s go :fire:

this is exciting!

Q. How does the IPFS integration work since files on Jackal are encrypted? How would I retrieve a CID from IPFS on Jackal?

Data on Jackal has programmable privacy, it can either be encrypted or in plain text depending on the usecase.

Regarding encrypted files, you can pull down an encrypted file through IPFS that can be decrypted with your private key on Jackal.