Param Change: More Bandwidth Adjustments

Param Change: More Bandwidth Adjustments

With strays being picked up properly again, the Jackal Protocol has more active file traffic than Sia Coin. Our proofs are bigger (working on making them 20x smaller with ZK proofs) than Sia, but our proving window is much smaller and we have more data going through each window. There are simply too many files being shoved through an hour-long period to make the network’s UX feel good to use. Currently, we break each window into hour-long blocks, and it takes 3 missed windows to burn the deal.

The Solution

To address this issue, doubling the burn window seems like a good first step. Doubling the burn window comes with less security than before but it is still 4x smaller than Siacoin or Filecoin’s window. Another tweak is moving the window time to 3 hours instead of 1, and requiring only 2 misses to burn. This makes providers need to send transactions less often than simply doubling the proving windows but increases stringency on providers to burn a deal. This should reduce bandwidth requirements for validators and make providers more likely to successfully prove storage deals in the meantime before ZK improvements.

The Proposal

This proposal will go live first on test-net and then it’ll go on main-net with the 5-day voting period. By voting yes to this proposal, the chain will change the parameters. Voting no means you disagree with the method of reducing bandwidth or disagree with a need to scale. Voting no-with-veto means you deem this proposal harmful to the Jackal Ecosystem.


You can view the proposal here as it is now voting! Ping Dashboard