RNS... Abandoned?

Wondering is the RNS project was totally abandoned… all signs point to the fact that it was. Site is down, no mention of it on the site or any official channels.
If so, as an early adopter I kind of feel burned. Anyone know?

I am not sure what you mean by the site being down. The RNS name page is live on the Jackal cloud dashboard. https://app.jackalprotocol.com . RNS names still have a role to play, especially with file sharing. It has not been abandoned.

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What I mean by it being down is that the former URL no longer points to an active website.

The names have all been moved from Juno to the Jackal L1 blockchain back in 2022. If you login to your Jackal dashboard, they should be there assuming you purchased them for multiple years.

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